Alan Gerber Returns


Maybe July 14, depends on Atlan Music Fest. Alan Gerber is a stunning entertainer, who has performed with Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Janis Joplin, BB King, Jeff Beck and more.

This is a quote stolen from his web page,

"This man cooked!!  Basic recipe…start with generous portions of John Hiatt, Taj Mahal and Doctor John.  Next, stir in a tantalizing blend of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waitts.  Now a key ingredient…fold in huge dollops of Otis Spann southside Chicago piano.  Spice it up with a few generous cups of Duane Allman/Ry Cooder bottle-neck guitar on a vintage Fender Telecaster.  This is sounding mighty tasty, but not finished yet!  Add more flavour with some old-time fiddle – and several big pinches of blues fiddle too!  (Shake – don’t stir.)  Finally, make it all rise with some Victor Borge and Harpo Marx!!!"



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