The Happiness
The Sorrow

Entering the Keno City Hotel is a step into the history of this tiny Hamlet. The hotel was built in the early 1920’s accommodating the influx of geologists, miners and the ladies all seeking the riches buried deep within the hills of silver and gold. United Keno Hill Mine shut down in the late 1980’s the town and hotel started to fade into a distant past and dust.

In 2006 the Martel Brothers bought the hotel and restoration of this heritage building began from below the ground to above the rafters giving the old hotel new life, as Leo says, “before we started she had both feet in the grave and was sliding fast. Today the hotel offers rooms and kitchen facilities for the adventuresome souls who travel the Silver Trail.

Come and talk with Leo, one of the Martel brothers, come shake his hand and listen to stories about mining, the hotel, Keno City and the history of this unpolished gem. You will be more than delighted.